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Are you wondering about a stock tank or pond construction company?

If yes, you are at the right place.

At Excavation Pros, we construct modern and durable stock tanks and ponds.

Experience matters a lot in stock tank construction. Therefore, our experienced contractors will assist you in building a compact stock tank.

Planning and Design:

Stock tank and pond construction isn’t a simple task. It is more than a simple digging process. Therefore, our contractors properly plan the construction site. Then the design process comes. Our contractors will provide you with a personalized design for the stock tank and pond. We will create round, oval, square, or rectangle designs accordingly.


Comfortable location for stock tank construction:

A Stock pond requires a comfortable location. Generally, a shadowy area is suitable, along with mild sunlight. Furthermore, the area should be secure and clean. Our contractors will design the tank according to the location. You will better enjoy it.

Our different types of stock tanks:

We can create any stock tank. You can send us your requirements. We will construct a personalized tank for your house or farm.

Our main stock tank categories are:
  • Cattle stock tank
  • Horse stock tank
  • Fish stock tank
  • Water tank for children
  • Water tank for adults
  • Pond construction
Leak-proof stock tank and pond construction:

Leakage is a major problem for the stock tank. At Excavation Pros, we will construct you a leakage-free stock tank. The tank will last for a long time. Hence, you will have an enjoyable experience.


Our contractors will love to hear about your project. Call us now. We will be at your doorstep. Let’s build a stock tank together!


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