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Excavation Pros is a professional land clearing and grading company. Our professional land grading contractors perform a wide range of grading services.
Our services are cost-effective, trustworthy, and on time. Therefore, you can trust our grading and clearing services.
We are only at a distance of a single call. You can call at 129-345-3454 or text us for project details. We will assist you in any way we can.


Why do you need land clearing and grading service?

Land grading (yard grading) is crucial for new constructions. Additionally, land grading improves the existing land surface.

You will need land clearing and grading services if:

  • You are planning to build a residential or commercial area.
  • You want to improve the existing lawn or ground surface.
  • You want to discard soil erosion.
  • You need to protect your residential or commercial land from erosion.
  • You want to construct a driveway or an outside area.
  • You need to improve your area’s drainage system.

In all of the above cases, our grading contractors will provide you with the best land grading and leveling services.

We are the best match for your grading project. Because:
  • Our land grading service will fulfill your residential or commercial requirements.
  • Our land grading and clearing contractors have years of experience.
  • You will get a satisfactory experience all over the project.
  • You will get extensive land clearing services.
  • We perform both minor and major land gradings.

major and minor grading

Our main major and minor grading services are:

Land texture varies from place to place. The type of vegetation, soil, slope, and natural grading is different. Therefore, we offer various grading and leveling services for different soils.

Here are our main services:

  • Leveling and sloping land for drainage system
  • Excavation (in some cases) for land grading and foundation
  • Surface smoothing and clearing for residential and commercial setup.
  • Installation of topsoil for an orchard, lawn, or foundation
  • Filling pits and trenches with soil

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