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A strong foundation for your dream home

Are you aiming to build a new house?

Do you want to reconstruct your house foundation?
In both cases, you need a solid house pad. A house pad provides crucial support and balance to your house.

At Excavation Pros, we help clients build durable house pads. Our house pad contractors have years of experience in land management services. Therefore, you will always get professional and reliable dirt pad services.


House Pads Construction Service Process

Construction of a house pad is the initial phase of house construction. You need to pay due attention to it. A house pad is built over a solid and leveled earth.

Grading service:

At Excavation Pros, we first carry out the process of grading. Our contractors deal will all types of terrains. Firstly, we process the cut and fill earthwork to ensure land firmness. Then we level the land for building a house pad.

Land clearing service:

We clear the land from all types of shrubs and trees in large farms or forests. The roots of the vegetation may damage the construction. Therefore, we uproot all the vegetation. In this way, we prepare a cleared and plain area for building the house pad.

Building dirt pad:

The next step involves pad preparation. In this step, we build house Pads that have:

  • Plain surface.
  • Solid base.
  • Enough area for house construction.
  • Protection against erosion and water flooding.
  • Gradual slope according to the requirements.

Proper drainage system:

A drainage system is vital for the new construction. Our pad contractors install a proper drainage system. Resultantly, you will get a leakage-free and sustainable drainage system. Additionally, we will construct trenches and drainage pipelines according to the pad structure.

Do you require a house pad for your new home? Get the cost and details of building a house pad from us.

House Pads Construction

Why do you need a house pad for your house?

A house pad provides a stable location for house construction. It provides structural firmness to your house. Additionally, it also increases the outlook of your house. Importantly, you will need a house pad if your soil quality is low. In such a case, a house pad will prevent soil erosion. A house pad also provides a suitable setup for the drainage. Therefore, you must construct a solid home pad for your new house. Our contractors are ready to assist you.

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